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Central Moris is one of the few meat processing businesses in Timor-Leste to offer high-quality products for the local market. As well as offering competitive pricing, the business prepares high-quality processed meat and offers a range of cuts to meet local demand.

This partnership will help improve the transport and storage of the meat and provide better market information to farmers. In the long term, the partnership and follow-up activities aim to influence farmers to think of cattle farming as a commercial business and improve husbandry practices.

MDF expects that Central Moris will hire approximately 10 additional employees to operate new machinery in the facility upgrade. Since handling the machinery has serious implications for the quality of processing, as well as the health and safety of the staff, Central Moris will provide on the job training for staff. This partnership fits with MDF’s strategy to increase market opportunities for cattle farmers and to improve the agribusiness, processing and rural distribution sector strategy.

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