JYL International

Conducting a feasibility study to assess the scope of horticultural export from Timor-Leste and outline the required investments and strategies


JYL‘JYL International’ is one of the largest conglomerate of Timor-Leste, involved in a multitude of industries- construction, property management, hotel, warehousing & transportation Lda, and shipping .

Timor-Leste is heavily dependent on imports, so for trading companies like JYL, return of empty vessels is a lost opportunity. Considering the growing demand in international market, JYL Intl. would like to explore the possibility of exporting horticultural products from Timor-Leste through commercial plantation. Fresh produce is one of the few sectors where import is limited; few major imports are grapes, apple, pear and mushroom. JYL’s primary export target is China and Singapore; secondary target is Australia. To illustrate, between 2014 -15, fresh fruit import to China grew by 23%.

MDF is supporting JYL Intl. in conducting an initial scoping study. Their initial preference was to focus on produce that have unique local flavour and are naturally of high quality, such as banana. But this study will ultimately dictate the final choice of crop(s). The study will select the choice of fruit or vegetable suitable for the targeted destinations, assess entry barriers and advise on the commercial and regulatory requirements. S/he will gather these information through consulting traders, industry experts and regulatory agencies in both source and destination countries. Based on the above finding, the expert will help identify suitable entry points.