Kmanek – Collection Centres

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KmanekThe partnership with Kmanek, a local supermarket, will design and implement ‘Collection Centres’ in strategic locations across the country. These centres will buy selected fruit and vegetables direct from farmers on a weekly basis.

The centres will be operated by one technical staff and one support staff to develop and manage farmer linkage, procurement calendar and pricing. In the long term, these centres will also sell relevant agricultural inputs since that will be a key necessity for farmers to increase volume of supply.

The concept is to go beyond the traditional approach where their input supply and buy-back system is offered only to a selected farmer groups in a specific area. This not only limits what they can buy from farmers but also how many farmers can access them at market.

The partnership with Kmanek is expected to improve the connection between farmers and markets in Timor-Leste.

Intervention Detail Sheet 2014 (completed)

Intervention Detail Sheet 2017