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There is a wealth of ingredients, flavours, stories and knowledge about food and coffee in Timor-Leste. But as a visitor, it’s often difficult to find an authentic food experience – so tourists leave without really understanding or experiencing this culinary adventure.

Agora Food Studio (AFS) is Timor Leste’s first, pioneering social enterprise dedicated to promoting Timorese local and seasonal foods and products, in both traditional and modern ways. AFS is a favourite on the Dili culinary circuit, open for breakfast and lunch, and as a venue for corporate and private hire for evening and cocktail packages. Always full of content customers, AFS also facilitates interactive Timorese seasonal food and coffee workshops that promote local products and entrepreneurs to both the Timorese and foreign markets.

AFS has identified a gap in the promotion of Timorese food to tourists and has developed a number of highly acclaimed local dishes that are sold at its restaurant. Through partnerships with other restaurants and baristas in Dili, AFS leverages other products and services to create a holistic experience in Timorese food and coffee.

Still, though AFS is a unique and forward-thinking concept, the team lacks marketing insight on how to target international tourists, as their focus has so far been on targeting the large expatriate community working in Timor-Leste.

MDF is partnering with AFS to improve their marketing and communication strategy, develop communication materials targeted at international tourists through hotel operators and tour operators and devise a social media campaign. Through these activities it is hoped that tourists will be exposed to the profound food diversity and bio-cultural history and in turn they will spend more money consuming local food and coffee, and buying local products, increasing the flow of money to the Timorese economy.

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