Dive, Trek & Camp

unnamed (3)Dive-Trek-Camp-200Dive, Trek & Camp Timor Ltd (DTC) is a Dili based tour operator which strives to provide unique tour packages to the clients capitalising on many Timor-Leste’s significant attractions including many of the cultural and environmental activities that guests can participate in.

Notwithstanding the scenic natural beauty, pristine mountain range and white sandy beaches, Timor-Leste struggles to bring international tourists competing with established neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Despite the increase in number of business tourists, in addition to the friends and families of expatriate communities, and the availability of few tourist facilities across the country, Timor-Leste still struggles to attract leisure or adventure tourists due to its poor marketing activities and lack of effort from the private tour operators to put the country on the international tour radar.

Building on its experience in working closely with international destination marketing companies to promote Timor-Leste as an attractive destination without incurring significant marketing cost, DTC is differentiating itself from local competitors and is attracting attention of international destination marketing companies who can bring in hundreds and thousands of international tourists through their tour packages.

Partnering with MDF helps DTC to focus and develop new tour packages meeting international standards aimed at international destination marketing companies and promote these tour packages and Timor-Leste as attractive tourist destination in the international market.

Collaboration with DTC helps MDF address the poor image and weak marketing activities in tourism sector. With more international tourists coming to the country, it will have a trickle down effect to other tour operators and tourist businesses who provide range of tourism products and services involving hundreds of men and women as service providers, tour guides.

Website: www.dtceasttimor.com

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