Crowding In: Autonomous Behaviour in the Fodder Market


Siddique Ahmed is a dairy farmer from Bhalot, Khattak and has been in the fodder business for 10 years. He started with buffalos but had long wanted to get into dairy farming. Last year, he sold all his buffalos and bought cows. Now his total animal herd size is 80 animals.

He started feeding them silage one year ago. Partner Pioneer Seeds and the MDF field team guided him on making silage and he bought machinery from MDF partner Cattlekit after looking at successful examples of other MDF silage entrepreneurs in his area. He feeds silage all year around; on average up to 36-37 kg/per day per animal!

If I do not feed silage to my animals, milk yields will go down by 5-10 kg per animal per day,” says Siddique.

 The fat content in his animals after feeding silage is 4.7 to 4.9 – a good level – while his total animal milk production per day has reached 800-1000 litres.

In the future, he plans to increase his land size to 600 kanals to include 400 kanals of land dedicated to producing silage for the next season.

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After seeing how silage has been successful in the area, Monsanto, a global agriculture company, has started to promote their seed as silage. Initially, they were promoting it as a grain.

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