Invest for Prosperity- Pakistan Horticulture Expo


MDF Pakistan’s partners exhibited at the two-day Pakistan Horticulture Expo 2018, hosted by the Government of Punjab. This was organized with a commitment to promote Pakistan as a land of investment and opportunities, for growth of horticulture trade in domestic and international markets and to initiate a collaborative dialogue between passionate minds that envision a prosperous future. There were more than 150 companies and 15,000 participants, including importers and exporters, growers and processors, wholesalers and retailers, distributors and suppliers, associations and financial institutions, from all over Pakistan.

With its partners, MDF showed how better connecting remote private businesses to major urban and export markets is creating opportunities for local horticulture farming and value addition in remote regions. It marked an opportunity to develop stronger linkages with businesses and proponents in the horticulture sector and provided an avenue for farmers to become acquainted with the latest products and services available in Pakistan to improve the productivity of the sector.

Vital Agri Nutrients, an input company and MDF partner, had a range of product samples displayed at the stall and explained to farmers how they could improve soil productivity and fertility conditions through VAN’s essential quality micronutrients needed for plant growth.


Retailers and importers showed interest in the high-quality dried fruits displayed at the stall by MDF partner, Hashwan Dry Fruit Traders. With MDF support, he has expanded its dry fruit processing facility in Gilgit Baltistan to produce better quality dry fruits to sell in high-end markets.


Representatives of MDF partner, Haji Sons, an integrated provider of agricultural solutions also educated farmers about the best production practices and benefits of vertical farming using quality tomato seeds.

One of MDF’s newest partners, Star Farm, marked their presence at the Expo by displaying a wide variety of vegetables and fresh and dried fruits. They aim to supply fruits and vegetables through direct sourcing from farmers in a number of regions and train farmers on quality standards at farm level as well as at the packaging level.

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The Horticulture Expo provided a platform to bring together various stakeholders associated with the sector. From the private sector, horticulture companies producing products such as seeds, fertilizer, fruits and vegetables were present, along with technology providers. Telecom and financial institutions such as banks and micro finance institutions were exhibiting their products and services which cater to the horticulture sector. Various government departments, farmers’ associations and a number of development programs working in the sector also exhibited, as well as agricultural research institutes associated with various universities in Pakistan.

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