Business Adviser-Timor Leste

Position Title: Business Adviser

Duration: Full-time, one year

Location: Dili, Timor-Leste

Reports to: Country Director


The Market Development Facility, an Australian Government funded initiative, aims to:

  • Create additional employment and income earning opportunities for poor women and men through broad-based and sustainable pro-poor growth
  • Make rural and urban sectors of the economy, where the poor are involved as producers and workers, more competitive and making them grow
  • Trigger lasting, ‘systemic’ changes within businesses in these sectors, to reduce constraints to growth and to increase their capacity to innovate and deal with competitive, regulatory, social and environmental pressures, so that the benefits for the poor will sustain and expand in time.

In Timor-Leste, the Facility focuses on Agribusiness, Processing and Rural Distribution and Manufacturing and Tourism. Since 2012, MDF has partnered with a number of small and medium sized enterprises in the agribusiness, manufacturing and tourism sectors, cost-shared a wide-range of activities to improve their business operation, which not only increases the profitability of those businesses but also create jobs and helps poor households earn additional income.

Key Responsibilities:

The purpose of this job is to design and manage interventions with a large variety of strategic private and public players in the tourism sector to stimulate innovative practices that unlock the growth potential of the Timor-Leste’s tourism industry. The candidate will also support the Entrepreneurship Development initiatives of MDF by working with selected Timorese innovative businesses to improve their business management practices.

Essential functions and responsibilities:

  •  Perform economic analyses of the tourism sector, in a qualitative and quantitative manner, and develop a ‘deep’ understanding of its functioning.
  • With an understanding of the market systems development approach, identify the potential for growth, and help find innovative solutions to unlock the growth potential of Timor-Leste’s tourism industry.
  • Assess the technical and economic feasibility of business plans from potential partners in the tourism sector and/or in close interaction with business partners, develop such plans.
  • Communicate, negotiate and develop partnerships with a large variety of private and public players in the tourism sector.
  • Contribute to research to assess the performance of MDF’s investment portfolio and its impact on the Timor-Leste economy.
  • Learn how to apply good results measurement practices in line with DCED guidelines.
  • Working with a team, develop intervention plans and results chains, and execute those plans, applying good research practice.
  • Be prepared to accept the physical demands of extensive travel throughout Timor-Leste to meet potential partners, conduct research and monitor activities.


  • International experience, either through work or study.
  • Familiarity with the issues affecting the private sector in Timor-Leste, as well as international trends in business and the economy.

For details, see TORs. Apply here before 15th  July’ 2018.