Mahanaim Garments

Mahanaim Garment is the first clothing production house in Timor-Leste. Mahanaim Garment produces uniforms for institutional clients, blending traditional tais with modern fashion trends. It has also launched an ethical, high-end women’s clothing range Ita-nia, which means ‘ours/yours’ in Tetum.

Market Constraints

There is no local garment production in Timor-Leste. There are many small-scale tailors and a few boutiques that make customised clothing. The majority of the clothing is imported from Indonesia, China and Singapore, but there is still unmet demand for clothing – both for individuals and institutional clients. Institutional clients, such as the government, orders a large volume of uniforms from Indonesia every year. There is no local capability to deliver on these large orders on time with a competitive price and good quality.


MDF’s work with Mahanaim Garments focuses on starting commercial garment manufacturing in Timor-Leste and creates skill development opportunities and stable employment for rural and urban labourers, most of whom are women.

Since the factory opened, 13 jobs filled by 11 women and 2 men have been created. Staff have been trained in production techniques and a Product Development Specialist/Designer and Pattern Maker have been recruited to develop product lines and accurately adjust sizes.

Download the Mahanaim Garment Partner fact sheet below.