Results Measurement Training Provider

The Market Development Facility (MDF) is a multi-country Australian Government funded Market Systems Development (MSD) initiative with locations in Fiji, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. MDF aims to stimulate economic growth and hence employment and income-earning opportunities for the poor and underprivileged, by making selected sectors of the economy more competitive and stimulating business innovation. MDF is implemented by Palladium Group and Swisscontact and started operations in Fiji in July 2011.

MDF Applies the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) standard for Results Measurement (RM) in Private Sector Development (PSD).  The standard is based on a framework that helps practitioners articulate the impact hypothesis and set and monitor indicators to assess whether the impact is happening as expected.  Despite having minimum requirements, the standard is not overly prescriptive.  It aims to be flexible enough to be applied in different contexts whilst ensuring sufficient rigour is used to meet a minimum standard.  MDF was last audited to the DCED standard in 2018, but continues to apply it rigorously.


Support the MDF Pacific leadership to build capacity of the RIMI team, and implementation team in key DCED-based MRM frameworks and concepts as they apply to market systems development in the Pacific.
Hold a training (duration to be determined/suggested) to achieve the following specific learning objectives with the MDF team:

  • 1) Develop a familiarity with basic MRM frameworks and concepts such as results chains and monitoring plans, collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, and how to review and use findings to support decision making and adaptive management of interventions.
  • 2) Be able to apply these to everyday implementation.
  • 3) Be able to recognise high from low quality MRM deliverables and know how to improve them.
  • 4) Understand how MRM supports effective implementation and how to integrate it into regular intervention, sector and project cycles.


Work alongside MDF’s RIMI Manager and Fiji’s Deputy Country Director to tailor and deliver a training (number of days to be defined and discussed) for up to 30 participants from MDF’s Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu offices.

  • – Refine and define the learning outcomes further for approval, to ensure clarity on the development of training content for the workshop.
  • – Consult with the RIMI team and gather background information to enable tailored case-studies and content to be included in the training materials. Explore opportunities to co-author and co-deliver elements of the course with RIMI Manager and/or middle management (Coordinators & DCD).
  • – Deliver (or lead the co-delivery) a five day DCED training for up to 30 MDF staff.
  • – Training package of related exercises, case studies, presentation content, and facilitator notes to support RIMI team in onboarding and refresher training (i.e. a paired down version of the training).
  • – Debrief the RIMI Manager, Fiji Country Director and Deputy Country Director, and Regional Director, providing observations and advice on capacity and culture of the MDF teams with reference to MRM.

Experience and qualifications

The service provider should demonstrate the following required skills and qualifications:


  • – Recognized technical expert in DCED monitoring and results measurement
  • – Demonstrated understanding of market systems development, especially in agriculture and tourism
  • – Extensive experience delivering DCED MRM trainings in a range of settings and contexts
  • – Ability to be flexible and accommodate the needs of the programme within the content of the training.


  • – Extensive experience and understanding of applying market systems development principles in the Pacific.
  • – Availability to deliver within 4 months (before 31st July 2024).

Application Requirements

The candidate or the company are required to submit:

  • • For individuals: a detailed resume (CV) of a consultant or for the companies: resumes / CVs of the consultant(s) recommended for this engagement;
  • • A cover letter addressing the key selection criteria supported with relevant experience;
  • • A succinct workplan and financial proposal related to this assignment, including, but not limited to: daily fees and travel costs combined with the planned work output.

Application close date: COB 17/05/2024