RFQ-FJ24-004 Study of demand for solar systems among households, businesses and other organisations in Samoa

Market Development Facility is an Australian Government funded multi-country initiative which promotes sustainable economic development, through higher incomes for women and men, in our partner countries. We connect individuals, businesses, governments, and NGOs with each other, and with markets at home and abroad. This enhances investment and coordination and allows partnerships to flourish, strengthening inclusive economic growth. MDF is currently active in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka and has recently expanded to Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu.
MDF is funded by the Australian and New Zealand Governments. It is implemented by Palladium, in partnership with Swisscontact.

Samoa’s rooftop solar industry is in its nascency. While ready-made products such as solar hot water, air conditioning and solar lights are available for sale, installed solar systems which connect and share power back to the grid are few. A lack of suppliers active in the market, low availability of parts, high up-front cost, and uncertainty on pay-back periods are some of the barriers to uptake. Global experience has shown that private sector and households are willing to invest in rooftop solar when the incentives are right and there is clear information about the potential pay-back periods. Encouraging the development of this market has the potential to attract private investment to help Samoa meet its renewable energy targets.
To encourage more entrants into the rooftop solar market, a clear understanding of the market opportunity is needed. This includes an understanding of current electricity costs and experiences of outages, customer perception, barriers to take up and the potential market demand. For this purpose, MDF requires the services of a consultant or firm to conduct primary research into awareness and demand for rooftop solar in Samoa. The research will involve face-to-face surveys of households, businesses and other organisations, as well as focus group discussions.

Objective of the study
The objective of the study is to better understand current and potential demand and barriers for adoption for rooftop solar in Samoa. This includes aspects such as the current energy costs and experiences of outages, awareness of the costs and benefits of rooftop solar installations, challenges.

The key output of the study will be:

a) An assessment of current grid and back-up energy costs, time-of-usage, and outages experiences for households and the private sector.

b) Analysis of current perceptions of rooftop solar for different market segments, including households and the private sector in Samoa, including:

  • •  Level of awareness of rooftop solar,
  • •  Understanding of the costs and potential energy bill savings,
  • •  Knowledge of service providers,
  • •  Customer willingness to pay, and
  • •  Other barriers to take up.

c) Based on data, recommendations for organisation’s looking to increase uptake of rooftop solar.

Mandatory Criteria
Consultant(s) or Firms will be required to submit a technical and financial proposals together with their cover letter on or before Monday 1 April 2024. Potential bidders may direct their questions via email to [email protected] to gain further clarifications about the scope of work and/or the overall assignment.

Registration of Interest
Register your interest to submit an offer by sending your organisation name, contact person and contact details to the Contact Person by email on or before Monday 18 March 2024, 5:00pm Samoa Time.

Last date for Queries
Send all queries to the Contact email by email on or before Monday 25 March 2024, 5:00pm Samoa Time. Indicate the RFQ Title in the subject line.

Closing Date and Time
Monday 1 April 2024 / 5:00pm Samoa Time.

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