RFQ-VA24-002 Vanuatu Tourism Value Chain Study


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MDF is currently active in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

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Tourism is a key sector in Vanuatu’s economy, bringing in foreign exchange and driving employment. The country received around 250,000 tourists in 2019, a mix of both cruise and air arrivals, and the industry is highly concentrated in and around Port Vila. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, borders closed, and Vanuatu’s tourism sector was largely shut-down for two years. Arrival numbers are recovering since the reopening of borders in mid-2022, although a full recovery has been hampered by natural disasters in 2023.

Despite the significance of the sector in Vanuatu’s economy, data on the sector is limited. Accurate calculations of the contribution of tourism to Vanuatu’s GDP do not exist, making it hard to quantify the true value of the sector for the country. In addition, there is a limited understanding of the full extent of the tourism value chain in Vanuatu, including which businesses are suppliers to accommodation providers and tour operators.

For this purpose, MDF requires the services of a consultant/consulting firm to work closely with the Vanuatu Department of Tourism to undertake research. This research will support the Department of Tourism to assess the effectiveness of Vanuatu’s Sustainable Tourism Policy since its launch in 2019 and provide an evidence base for any required changes or new policy initiatives to support the recovery of the sector.

Objective of the study

The objective of this assignment is to establish an estimate of the contribution of the tourism sector to Vanuatu’s economy. This estimate should be calculated using a methodology that can be replicated by the Department of Tourism and other relevant Government of Vanuatu ministries in future years. This methodology should be established in consultation with the Government of Vanuatu, including the Department of Tourism, the Vanuatu Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Finance and Treasury, and the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu to ensure it achieves a balance between the required rigour and available government resources, and can be used by relevant stakeholders to support GDP calculations.

The research should also include an identification and analysis of the contribution of businesses throughout the value chain, including those who are not traditionally seen as tourism businesses.

The key outputs of the study will be two (2) documents:

  • 1) A methodology for establishing an estimate of the economic contribution of the tourism sector, which can be used by the Government of Vanuatu to update estimates in future years or to calculate the historic contribution, as needed.
  • 2) A final report, including:
    • a. An estimate of the current contribution of tourism to Vanuatu’s GDP (2023-2024), including estimates of both direct and indirect contributions.
    • b. A value chain analysis of the businesses contributing to tourism in Vanuatu, directly and indirectly.
    • c. An assessment of challenges and opportunities for businesses in the tourism sector.
    • d. An assessment of potential areas to increase the inclusion of local businesses in the value chain.
    • e. Recommendations to support the growth of Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

Minimum requirements for applicants

  • a. Experience working in tourism statistics, including demonstrated experience calculating economic impacts of tourism or GDP contribution analysis.
  • b. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, including the ability to produce concise, readable, and analytical reports.
  • c. Experience training personnel in data collection and qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • d. Good project management skills.
  • e. Experience in Pacific Island Countries preferred.

Mandatory Criteria

Consultant(s) or Firms will be required to submit a technical proposal, including a draft research plan, and financial proposal together with their cover letter on or before Tuesday, 07 May 2024, midnight Port Vila time.  Potential bidders may direct their questions via email to [email protected] to gain further clarifications about the scope of work and/or the overall assignment.

Evaluation Criteria

MDF will assess submissions in line with the technical and financial evaluation process described below. In assessing submissions, MDF, at its sole discretion, may consider information from other relevant sources.

Technical evaluation

MDF will first score compliant submissions against the following technical criteria:

  • A. Suitability of proposed research plan and methodology to deliver the objectives of this assignment (40% of the Technical Score)
  • B. Capability and experience demonstrating your ability to deliver services relevant to MDF’s requirements (25% of the Technical Score)
  • C. Approach to communication and meeting tight deadlines (10% of the Technical Score).
  • D. Qualifications and experience of Key Personnel (25% of the Technical Score)

The technical score will account for 80% of the Total Score.

Financial evaluation

Following the assessment of the technical response, MDF will undertake a like-for-like price comparison of all technically suitable offers. The Financial Score will account for 20% of the Total Score. The lowest-priced financial offer will be awarded the full weighted score. The weighted score of other financial offers will be calculated as a fraction of the higher scoring offer.

If your quote is successful, you will be required to enter into the Palladium’s standard contract for the types of goods or services being provided. In the provision of the Goods and Services, you will be required to comply with the Palladium’s policies, including (without limitation) its Business Partner Code of Conduct and any relevant Project Manual. Potential suppliers must also comply with Palladium’s Business Partner Code of Conduct in the submission of any quotes pursuant to this RFQ.

If you are bidding as part of a joint venture, partnership or similar, please make this clear in your submission. Likewise, if you propose to subcontract any part of the goods or services provision, then disclose this fact within your submission. The Company may require additional information from you and approval for subcontracting will not be automatic as subcontractors will be subject to Palladium’s Due Diligence process.

Registration of Interest
Register your interest to submit an offer by sending your organisation name, contact person and contact details to the Contact Person by email on or before Monday, 29 April 2024.

Last date for Queries
Send all queries to the Contact Person by email on or before Monday, 29 April 2024. Indicate the RFQ Title in the subject line.

Closing Date and Time
Tuesday, 07 May 2024/ Midnight Vanuatu Time

Interested individuals and/or service providers should click on “Apply” to download full details & Response form. All quotes must be submitted using the response forms provided.

Addendum 1

Please find responses to tender queries here: Addendum_1_Queries from Tenderers 1