Short Term Adviser for Coffee

MDF is seeking the services of an expert to understand the viability of cultivating coffee in plantations via tenures/contract farming model.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Understanding MDF’s strategy in specialty coffee and proposed model of working with plantations.

• Finalizing the research plan based on discussions with the MDF team to evaluate the model’s viability.

• Conducting interviews with plantation management, government representatives, union members, and plantation workers to evaluate the model. The consultant will ensure that MDF members are also engaged in those discussions and facilitate introductions.

• The consultant will review existing literature to evaluate whether similar models have been tried in the past, assess their performance, and identify any lessons learned from those models.

• Understanding in detail the opportunities that the model poses for tenured farmers who are estate workers in terms of potential impact on their existing earnings and facilities obtained from estate.

• Understanding the stakeholder response to the model and evaluating the socio and political economy aspects of the model. Expectation is that consultant will investigate and report the views of various stakeholders about the model.

• Analysing the incentive for plantations to plant coffee via the tenured farming model. The consultant is also expected to investigate and report on long-term vision of the plantations.

• Developing a detailed risk mitigation strategy including identifying market actors that can conduct periodic risk assessments and provide guidance on mitigation measures after completing the research.

Please submit your CV and brief cover letter (no more than one page) outlining your suitability in line with the requirements of the position.

Please also send your daily fee in a separate word document.

The deadline for application is 20th October 2023.


This position is open to Sri Lankan nationals and permanent residents with authority to live and work in Sri Lanka. Rates of pay are based on local labour standards.