Farm Dynamics Pakistan

S14231944_10153775912315906_1361257722130382676_omall farmers in Pakistan face a shortage of nutritious fodder in extreme summers and extreme winters. MDF’s solution to this has been two-fold. One, our partnership with Pioneer Seeds has been aimed at promoting Silage as an alternative, cost-effective, and nutritious fodder. In addition, MDF partnered with Farm Dynamic Pakistan (FDP) to popularize other fodders; Rhodes grass and Rye grass.
FDP is a farm mechanization, crop management solutions, and inputs company formed in 2010.
To popularize Rhodes and Rye grass as alternative, nutritious fodders; FDP, with MDF’s help, has repackaged imported seeds in small (as well as large) bags. Additionally, FDP has carried out seminars and farmer days to educate farmers about the potential of these grasses.