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Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea that you’re not sure how to implement? Do you already have a successful business but could do with some strategic advice? Maybe your organisation is trying to bring key business leaders together to make your sector work better, but you’ve found that coordination is a challenge.

MDF is a flexible program that can work with your organisation to provide tailored packages of support. This support can vary from co-investment in supply chain optimisation, to market entry advisory services, to business model development. The ‘Explore our partnerships’ section below includes some examples.

MDF can also link Australia and/or New Zealand-based (ANZ) businesses with Indo-Pacific partners in MDF’s countries. If you are an ANZ business looking to source from the Pacific, or a Pacific business looking to enter these lucrative regional markets, MDF’s Australian and New Zealand Business Engagement Units can support you.

Keen to find out more or share a good idea? Drop us a message at [email protected], indicating your request in the email subject.

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What can MDF do?

Partnering to
share risk

If our Partner has a Big Idea for an innovative business model or approach that can provide a positive social return, we would like to co-invest to share the risk.

Agility in

MDF is highly flexible and is able to partner on a range of initiatives.

Linking to local and global markets

Our partners link into MDF’s well-established business networks, with opportunities for collaboration and growth.  In addition, our Australian / New Zealand Business Engagement Units support partnerships between Aus/NZ and MDF’s countries of operation.

Connecting to data & market intelligence

MDF is passionate about Big Data and its ability to drive effective decision making.  We offer our partners the opportunity to tap into these sources.  We also routinely gather relevant, on-the-ground market intelligence on the real economy from our networks.

Explore our partnerships

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