MDF concluded operations in Pakistan in June 2020.

The following page gives a summary of the impressive portfolio of work implemented from 2013 to 2020.

MDF has stimulated

USD 5.1m 

in private sector investment

and generated

USD 98.5m 

in additional income



women and men

Our work in Pakistan

Pakistan’s economy is growing well: performance was strong in 2017-18, inflation is low, and poverty and inequality are declining across the country.  However, the country’s 200 million people continue to face complex challenges: high rural poverty, food insecurity, low female participation in economic activity and limited broad-based economic growth.

The solutions that MDF has sought to deliver focus on sectors and investments that serve the millions of poor, rural households and food-insecure urban households.

MDF’s work in the dairy, meat and horticulture sectors allows for the promotion of rural and regional inclusiveness for a large proportion of the poor population. The program also promotes the use of sustainable technologies and has introduced energy and water innovations to help address high energy prices and water shortages in Pakistan. This improves agricultural productivity, food security and environmental outcomes.

Inclusive Growth

In Pakistan, MDF focusses on strengthening women’s agency and creating income-earning opportunities for women. To achieve this, we structure our work around providing information to women in agriculture and helping them to access employment. Additionally, MDF investigates the dynamics around women’s economic participation in household activities, decision-making and control over household funds. Interventions facilitated by MDF Pakistan are creating income-earning opportunities for women and contributing towards their strengthened agency. MDF also supports private sector efforts towards disability-inclusive development.


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