MDF Fiji has benefitted



generated more than

USD 15m 

in additional income

and resulted in

USD 12m 

in additional revenue.

Our work in Fiji

Fiji is an upper middle-income country where the projected growth rate has settled at an average of 3.6% to 2020. Tourism and construction are the major contributors to this growth.

However, the performance of most of the other parts of the economy are performing well below expectations. Attaining higher levels of sustained growth is necessary to generate more income and jobs and to reduce poverty and inequality for women and men in Fiji.

MDF Fiji works in the key sectors of agriculture and tourism to improve their competitiveness, and has recently expanded to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) business development services and into the emergent outsourced services sub-sector.

Inclusive growth

In Fiji, all of MDF’s partnerships have positively impacted women’s empowerment. This impact is not just limited to increased economic opportunities for these women, but has addressed the complex issues of agency and in some cases, the frequently overlooked constraint that women in Fiji face: time poverty. Addressing this directly through interventions designed to reduce workloads has allowed women to use their saved time to rest more, help children with education and manage other crops. Through thoughtful design, MDF has also developed community-based models with Fijian companies which ensure that women’s efforts are amply rewarded. As they have continued to earn income, they have contributed to sustained high quality services for tourists, increased investment in the well-being of their families, and increased contributions to their community obligations.

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