MDF Fiji has benefitted



generated more than

USD 31m 

in additional income

and resulted in

USD 34.7m 

in additional revenue.

Our work in Fiji

MDF Fiji works in the key sectors of agriculture and tourism, and in the emerging outsourcing services sector to facilitate growth, improve competitiveness, and increase the economic resilience of vulnerable groups. MDF also supports local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing effective and sustainable business development services.

MDF continues to support Fiji’s economic recovery efforts by:

  • Working with diverse market players to revive business activity: MDF works with government, industry bodies and business membership organisations to design measures that stimulate industry and economic growth. Watch our video on systemic change in Fiji’s sugar sector to find out more.
  • Supporting transformation: MDF identifies emerging opportunities for sustainable and inclusive growth in the changing economy and supports partners to capitalise on these; and
  • Addressing strategic or long-term issuesMDF continues its engagement on strategic issues that are critical to reform and building back better.

COVID-19 response and recovery

In Fiji, MDF pivoted to assist the private sector in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the initial response primarily supporting three areas:

- Producing timely intelligence to inform national tourism recovery efforts and the growth of the outsourcing services sector

- Identifying and scaling up investments in industries that show potential to support economic diversification, such as outsourcing services and yachting tourism

- Prioritising collaboration with government and key market actors involved in national economic recovery and diversification, including private sector associations, development programs and non-governmental organisations.

Inclusive growth

MDF is committed to fostering meaningful change in Fiji by addressing economic opportunities for women and related critical and complex issues such as agency and time poverty. We understand that women often bear the burden of heavy workloads, leaving them with limited time for rest, supporting their children’s education, and diversifying their sources of income. Our interventions are designed to reduce these constraints and make a positive impact. We work to create awareness and improve access to agricultural technology, for example, benefiting all farmers through increased productivity and efficiency. We’ve also developed community-based models in collaboration with local Fijian companies. These models ensure that women receive fair recognition and rewards for their invaluable contributions. Our ‘Women at Work’ report offers more examples of our impact.


Additionally, MDF Fiji is proactively trying to understand and address climate-related risks and opportunities in our work. We’ve partnered with stakeholders to introduce climate-resilient seed varieties, which create better access to quality seeds and empower farmers to maintain their harvests and livelihoods despite adverse weather conditions. We also advocate for cost-effective agricultural solutions, making high-quality and cost-effective agricultural inputs accessible supporting soil health, productivity, and sustainability in agriculture. In the renewable energy space, we are working with partners on establishing a business case for electronic vehicle commercial leasing model. For more insights, you can explore stories related to our work with East-West seeds and the Organic Plus soil conditioner.

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