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generated more than

USD 31m 

in additional income

and resulted in

USD 34.7m 

in additional revenue.

Our work in Fiji

MDF Fiji works in the key sectors of agriculture and tourism, and in the emerging outsourcing services sector to facilitate growth, improve competitiveness, and increase the economic resilience of vulnerable groups. MDF also supports local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing effective and sustainable business development services.

MDF continues to support Fiji’s economic recovery efforts by:

  • Working with diverse market players to revive business activity: MDF works with government, industry bodies and business membership organisations to design measures that stimulate industry and economic growth. Watch our video on systemic change in Fiji’s sugar sector to find out more.
  • Supporting transformation: MDF identifies emerging opportunities for sustainable and inclusive growth in the changing economy and supports partners to capitalise on these; and
  • Addressing strategic or long-term issuesMDF continues its engagement on strategic issues that are critical to reform and building back better.

COVID-19 response and recovery

In Fiji, MDF pivoted to assist the private sector in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the initial response primarily supporting three areas:

- Producing timely intelligence to inform national tourism recovery efforts and the growth of the outsourcing services sector

- Identifying and scaling up investments in industries that show potential to support economic diversification, such as outsourcing services and yachting tourism

- Prioritising collaboration with government and key market actors involved in national economic recovery and diversification, including private sector associations, development programs and non-governmental organisations.

Inclusive growth

In Fiji, MDF’s partnerships have positively impacted women’s economic empowerment. This impact has not been limited to increased economic opportunities for women, but has also addressed complex issues of agency and, in some cases, the frequently overlooked constraint that women in Fiji face: time poverty. Addressing this directly through interventions designed to reduce workloads has allowed women to use saved time to rest more, help children with education and manage other crops, leading to income diversification.  MDF has also developed community-based models with Fijian companies, ensuring women’s efforts are amply rewarded. Our ‘Women at Work report documents some of these gains.

MDF Fiji is increasingly working with partners to understand climate-related risks and opportunities for adaptation and mitigation. Early work with partner KK’s Hardware to import climate-resilient East-West seed varieties has proven successful, helping farmers reap harvests and earn income despite adverse weather patterns.

Our activities

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Charan Jeath Singh

Mechanisation addresses sugar cane shortages in Vanua Levu MDF supported Charan Jeath Singh to procure a suitable mechanical harvester in Labasa, Vanua Levu, to address the

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