Papua New Guinea

MDF has stimulated

USD 1.7m

in private sector investment

and generated

USD 1.4m

in additional income



women and men

MDF concluded operations in PNG in June 2023

Our work in PNG:

Agriculture is one of Papua New Guinea’s key sectors, contributing 20% to GDP and generating 25% of formal employment. Around 80% of the population live in rural areas and rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

In PNG, MDF focused on five market systems within the agribusiness sector: High Grade and Sustainable Coffee, High Grade and Value Added Cocoa, High Grade Vanilla, Value Added Honey and Livestock (pigs). Within these market systems, the MDF team worked on a range of activities, including international certification of export commodities, improving rural financial inclusion through technology, and supporting market access for smallholder farmers.

COVID-19 response and recovery

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, MDF worked with agribusiness partners and local communities, including churches, to educate farmers on COVID-19. Farmers and local groups were trained on precautionary measures to ensure market supply and trade remained smooth, while prioritising safety and health.

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Inclusive Growth

In Papua New Guinea, women face extraordinary challenges. Female participation in the labour force almost matches male participation, though it is usually informal. Poor access to clean water, insufficient spacing between pregnancies, widespread malnutrition, excessive workloads, and gender-based violence have a compounding and detrimental effect on women’s wellbeing and economic participation. Understanding the dynamics of income generation, investment, savings, and decision-making are critical to MDF’s operations in Papua New Guinea, particularly in the agriculture sector, where many women earn their livelihoods.

MDF also works with partners to confront various aspects of the climate change challenge, from advocating for more sustainable agricultural practices, to supporting investment in adaptation. Developing certified commodity supply chains is a major element of this strategy. Watch a Papua New Guinean coffee farmer’s feedback on sustainable farming training.

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