Papua New Guinea

MDF PNG has reached





full-time jobs

and creating

USD 855,232

in additional income.

Our work in PNG

Agriculture is one of the key economic growth industries in Papua New Guinea, contributing to 20% of the country’s GDP and generating 25% of the formal employment in the country. Around 80% of the population lives in rural areas and is reliant on agriculture.

In PNG, MDF focuses on five market systems within the agribusiness sector. These include value chain development for animal feed, emerging and niche products like honey. The team also works on backward linkages for fresh produce, and supports actors to improve the quality and achieve certification for export commodities, to connect them with international markets.

Inclusive Growth

In Papua New Guinea, women face extraordinary challenges. Female participation in the labour force almost matches male participation, though it is usually on an informal basis. Poor access to clean water, insufficient spacing between pregnancies, widespread malnutrition, excessive workloads and gender-based violence have a compounding and deleterious effect. Understanding the dynamics of income generation, investment, savings and decision making are critical to MDF’s operations in Papua New Guinea, particularly in the agriculture sector where a large proportion of women earn their livelihoods. Additionally, MDF focuses on enabling women to access and retain formal job opportunities in PNG as a very small percentage of women are involved in formal employment.

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