Sri Lanka  

MDF Sri Lanka has benefitted


women and men


USD 15,091,000

in additional income

and created


full-time jobs

Our work in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, MDF’s focus is on promoting resilient tourism and supporting authentic Sri Lankan products which promote the country. These include specialty coffee, seafood and high value agriculture. Tourism and authentic Sri Lankan products are outward-looking sectors that have the potential to benefit people across the island.

Sri Lanka’s economy has steadily grown since the end of its 30-year civil conflict in 2009. Health and education outcomes have improved significantly, and poverty has declined. Despite these gains, a large proportion of the Sri Lankan population is still vulnerable to poverty. Private sector-led growth in inclusive, export-oriented sectors is essential for Sri Lanka to continue its transition into a middle-income country.

Inclusive growth

MDF's Work in Sri Lanka has contributed to transformative impact for the country’s poorest. In Mannar alone, MDF’s partners have created over 300 jobs for women in seafood processing. Within the organic spices and herbs sector, MDF’s work has led to increased income for over 780 farmers, including 380 backyard women farmers in the Southern, Central and Uva provinces, many of whom did not have access to a market earlier.   MDF has supported innovations in the giant freshwater supply chain, creating access to tourism and export markets for inland-fishing communities. The program has also launched new adventure and community-based tourism products across different destinations in Sri Lanka and is helping the private sector with organisation.   MDF is enabling information provision for farmers via globally competitive initiatives such as digitisation, introducing efficient business models to increase productivity and connecting the private sector directly to smallholder farming communities to increase incomes. 

Our activities

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Ella Coffee Cooperative (ECC) is a joint venture formed between Soul Coffee (Private) Limited and Amba Estate (Private) Limited. Soul Coffee (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in

Helanta Coffee

Royawin Ceylon International (RCI) emerged as an off-shoot of the Japan Fairtrade Congradulate, a farmer-cooperative-based NGO. RCI’s core business involves business-to-business green bean and roasted coffee

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Authentic Sri Lankan Goods

Improving Authentic Sri Lanka Goods Constraints address include Limited access to information production know how, Limited access to inputs, Limited access to premium markets & High

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