MDF TL has stimulated

USD 3.74m

in private sector investment

and generated

USD 1.76m

in additional income



women and men

Our work in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste has achieved much since gaining independence in 1999. Poverty has declined, the security situation is much improved and many social development indicators are trending positive. However, the economy continues to struggle. 

Despite having a reasonably open trade policy and some business investment tax incentives, private sector investment continues to be limited and, aside from offshore oil and gas and coffee, there are no significant exports.   

To address this, MDF is working in Timor-Leste to stimulate investment and encourage business growth, focusing on economic sectors with pro-poor income and employment potential. Our two priority sectors in Timor-Leste are agriculture and tourism, with some activities in other sectors such as manufacturing.    

Now in its second phase, MDF TL continues to work with entrepreneurs to build new markets, encourage investment and deepen engagement.

Inclusive Growth

In 2018, MDF generated USD 61.3 million in additional income for poor women and men, and for the first time, the number of women benefitting from program activities surpassed the number of men benefitting in the Pacific region. 

In Timor-Leste, many of MDF’s partner businesses achieved good results on gender equality, particularly women’s economic empowerment, stemming from MDF interventions. 

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